Family house design of interior in Prague - Vinoř

In this project we tried to create a comfortable living for a young family with one child and a cat. We solved the entrance area, dressing room for the lady of the house, design of living space without kitchen, bedroom, study and children's room. The biggest task was to create enough storage space, and did not "kill" the space with furniture. We had to adapt to the already defined interior by kitchen, floors and bathrooms. Color is held in light tones of gray, white, complemented by light oak. The only exception is a women's dressing room on the ground floor and a children's room for a little girl, which we tuned in shades of pink.

  • Location:

    Praha Vinoř

  • Created by:

    Mgr. art Magdaléna Lacenová

  • Completed:


  • Realization:

    in progress