or how to put another room into flat

The difficult task of getting a new room into the apartment while maintaining a large living room and kitchen. There were many variants of how to settle the room in space, in the end the final variant was where the kitchen sat in a niche in the living room and a separate room was created next to it. The living room has retained a nice dimension and can comfortably fit a large sofa with armchair, dining table and work space.

In the bedroom, we have created a dressing table / work table, which continues as wardrobe that hides the entrance to the small dressing room.

In the bathroom we got space for a second toilet and we placed a washing machine and dryer in the original separate toilet.

In the children's room, we used a bunk bed to provide more space for playing and also a lot of storage space.

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    Mgr.art Magdaléna Lacenová

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