Partial design of attic apartment

Specific project of an attic apartment, already equipped with modern kitchen and custom furniture in the dining area and TV set. The client was looking for a solution for a spectacular space, more zones for relaxation. We divided the space with a double-sided seat in the middle and created a zone for watching TV, while at the same time under the window is a children's play area with a storage space for toys. On the other side of the seat is a seating area for about 10 people or a relaxation zone next to the fireplace. A tailored bio fireplace is the focus of attention after entering the room but also  divides the living room and dining area. We put the whole space on the floor using large carpets. The largest area we had to deal with was the back wall, which was decorated with a relief trowel. The space got a warmer tint and more complete character.

  • Location:

    Praha 2

  • Created by:

    Mgr.art Magdaléna Lacenová

  • Completed:


  • Realization:

    in progress